Auxerrois 2015 (75cl)





Tender and delicate, it can be easily drunked during a complet meal. It accompines your entries, country buffet.

Riesling 2015 (75 cl)





Dry, refined with a delicate bouquet. Suitable for fish, shellfisch, seafood or white meats and sauerkraut.

Muscat 2015 (75cl)






Its inimitable fruity taste gives the sensation of crunching of fresh grapes.It would perfectly be served in receptions and with asparagus.

Black Pinot 2015 (75cl)






Evokes red fruits. Desploys its originality with a piece of beef, roasted meats, cheeses.

Black Pinot "Nature Spirit" 2014 (75cl)





Ages in oak barrels. Woody note, accompanies perfectly red meats, game meat, cheeses.

Pinot Gris 2015 (75cl)






Heady, full-bodied, long finish. Accompanies games meats, white meats, roasts, country buffet.

Gewurztraminer 2015 (75cl)





The best known of Alsace wines! Powerful bouquet, bodied and spicy.Accompanies to perfection exotic meals, pastries and serves as an appetizer!

Gewurztraminer "Cuvée Bastien" 2013 (75cl)




This wine is dedicated to our first grand son of the family "Lucas".

This little guy has a very powerful character as this wine. This Gewurztraminer is fresh, light with hints of lychee and a perfect accompaniment to your desserts and appetizers.

Fleur de Vigne 2016 (75cl)




Assemblage of noble grape varieties. Elegant nose, pure and fine. Aromas of flowers, enhanced with a fresh note of pineapple and grapefruit. Enjoy it with spicy and exotic meals.

Sylvaner 2015 (100cl)





Fresh and light, pleasant anf refreshing, serve it with appetizers and assorted cold meats.

Edelzwicker 2016 (100cl)





Fine wine, refreshing at any time, for a usual consumption.

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